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Always On, Without Fail: MySQL Group Replication (17 Jan 2017)

MySQL Group Replication is Oracle's new multimaster, update-everywhere replication solution that helps keep your MySQL databases highly available and your business up and running, without fail. It's a MySQL plugin that combines distributed systems technologies with database replication into a highly resilient HA solution. At its core is a group communication service providing reliable message passing among a group of MySQL servers. This enables automatic and consistent coordination among all the participants in a group. Such automatic orchestration of MySQL servers results in a fault-tolerant replicated state machine providing a highly available MySQL data store.

Join Group Replication Architect, Luis Soares, in this technical webinar to get the details behind MySQL Group Replication, as well as practical advice on how to set it up, maintain it, and power your business with it.

Luís Soares is a Principal Software Engineer and the MySQL Replication Team lead at Oracle. His research interests include replication technologies, dependable systems and high availability. Before joining the MySQL team, he was both a post-graduate student and a researcher at the University of Minho, Portugal, where he designed and implemented group-based replication protocols. Before that, he worked for a Portuguese multi-national company as a system analyst.

Date and Time: Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017, 09:00 US/Pacific