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Combining the Power of SQL and NoSQL Databases in MySQL (19 Apr 2017)

SQL has served IT for 30 years now and is far from being obsolete. In recent years NoSQL databases have emerged due to different needs of the developer. While offering the benefit of storing different data structures, almost every NoSQL engine has adopted SQL or an SQL-like query language back into the engine. There are advantages on both sides but how can one combine the power of SQL and NoSQL into one database? That question is answered in MySQL with a set of features for storing unstructured data in JSON. Out of the box MySQL now supports a JSON data type, a set of functions for manipulating JSON data, and the ability to query JSON using the power of SQL. Indexing is also supported via the addition of generated columns. It is now possible to combine the benefits of the schema and schemaless NoSQL world, and this session will explain the benefits and use cases for each approach.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 19 Apr 2017, 09:00 US/Pacific