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Latest Developments in Provisioning, Sharding & High Availability with MySQL Fabric (15 Oct 2014)

MySQL Fabric is evolving rapidly and this is your chance to learn about the latest features and what they can do for you. There’ll be an overview of all MySQL Fabric capabilities including MySQL Fabric 1.5, which adds automated server provisioning using popular frameworks such as OpenStack, as well as support from additional connectors.

MySQL Fabric is built around an extensible and open source framework for managing farms of MySQL Servers. Currently three features have been implemented - Server provisioning (using popular frameworks such as OpenStack), High Availability (built on top of MySQL Replication) and scaling out using data sharding. These features can be used in isolation or in combination. MySQL Fabric aware connectors allow transactions and queries to be routed to the correct servers without the need for a proxy node, so operations run as quickly as ever.

In addition to the presentation, there will be live on-line Q&A with the engineering team. This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments directly from the people building them.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 15 Oct 2014, 09:00 US/Pacific