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MySQL Partitioning: When, Why and How (19 Aug 2014)

MySQL Partitioning can dramatically improve the performance and scaling of your MySQL database; it can also cause heartaches and pain if implemented incorrectly.  Join MySQL Expert and Technical Consultant Tony Holmes for this practical webinar and learn when and how to implement MySQL Partitioning correctly to greatly improve your application's performance and lower the load on your system. Tony will review the following topics:

  • Partitioning 101
  • Types of partitioning in MySQL
  • Managing Partitions
  • Partitions and Indexes
  • Short Term Rolling Data
  • Long Term Rolling Data
  • Optimize, Analyze, etc. by Partition

New in MySQL 5.6 and 5.7

Date and Time: Tuesday, 19 Aug 2014, 09:00 US/Pacific