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MySQL Security: Use Cases & Patterns (28 Jan 2015)

Join Mike Frank, Product Management Director, to see how you can use new and existing MySQL security features to protect your data. You'll not only learn about the new security features but most importantly, you'll understand how to implement them together as a coordinated solution within your organization. That's where "the rubber hits the road", and it represents the path to proper security. How do you manage permissions, encryption and keys (symmetric or asymmetric), data validation as vertical capabilities and other functions as a complete solution? That's what you'll learn.  With the new MySQL Enterprise Encryption you have more options to secure your data than ever before, and ways to do so protecting your databases against both external threats and internal misuse of information.

Join Mike for a trip through use cases and patterns and learn how to apply those best practices in your own organization!

Date and Time: Wednesday, 28 Jan 2015, 09:00 US/Pacific